SenseCAP M2 Light Hotspot - LoRaWAN Indoor Gateway (EU868)

SenseCAP M2 Light Hotspot - LoRaWAN Indoor Gateway (EU868)





This License is only applied for SenseCAP M2 Light Hotspot, and could not be used to activate other hotspots such as SenseCAP M2 Data Only. SenseCAP M1 has already included a license when purchased. Learn more about SenseCAP License Agreement here.

SenseCAP Software License is different from the Helium Onboarding fee. A $50 Helium onboarding fee which is imposed by Helium to onboard the hotspot onto the Helium server has been included in the SenseCAP Hotspot package.

SenseCAP M2 Light Hotspot is a high-performance Helium LoRaWAN gateway that allows users to join the Helium network at a minimal cost. 
Flexible SenseCAP Licence plans down to $0.05 per day are provided to enable users to enjoy the benefits of PoC and data transfer with minimal investment and more flexibility.

Enjoying the low-cost hardware and software license paid on need, you could easily deploy and manage the SenseCAP M2 light hotspot with minimal investment risk while enjoying the benefit of a Helium network.

SenseCAP M2 Light Hotspot now has EU, US, Australia, India, and Philippines standards version, and a 4G version for the EU, and the US. More regions and certificates are expected. If you are looking for a Helium hotspot, SenseCAP M2 Light Hotspot is a perfect choice.

SenseCAP M2 Light Hotspot is a LoRaWAN® gateway designed for the Helium LongFi Network, providing miles of wireless network coverage and data transmission capacity for LoRaWAN® devices.

As a gateway supporting the Helium LongFi network, it could help you build the local LoRaWAN® network and develop various LoRaWAN® applications at low cost while enjoying the benefits of being a part of the People's Network.

How to redeem license card:



Highlighted Features

  • Wide-range Coverage and Strong Signal: Up to 10km of LoRaWAN® coverage and strong signal with a 3dBi High-Performance Antenna.
  • Excellent and Stable Performance: Mature Hardware Solution with MediaTek MT7628 and Semtech SX1302/SX1303 and PoE supported.
  • Power over Ethernet Supported: No need to have an extra PoE splitter.
  • Professional Fleet Management Tools: SenseCAP Device PaaS, Dashboard, and Local Console help manage devices efficiently.
  • Secure and Reliable: Built-in ECC608 crypto chip, high-security authentication, and reliable connectivity.
  • Easy Setup in Simple Steps: Ready to go with SenseCAP Hotspot App in simple steps.
  • Efficient and Timely Online Support: Huge SenseCAP Community in Discord and timely online tech support whenever needed.
  • Multiple Frequency Bands and Certificates Available.


Software License

A valid SenseCAP Software License within the validity period is necessary for SenseCAP M2 Light Hotspot.

The License will activate the software package for the remote management and effective Beacon, witness & data transmission functionality for SenseCAP M2 Light Hotspot in a period.

On your first purchase, you will purchase a SenseCAP M2 license redeem card for the license period of your choice (click here for redeem Instructions). You could also easily renew a license through SenseCAP Dashboard SenseCAP Hotspot Dashboard after its valid period (check here for renew license instructions).

SenseCAP offers three license plans for you to purchase on your need.

License Plan

License Valid Duration

90 Days

365 Days


License Plan


Down to $0.09/day


Down to $0.05/day


Ultimate Licence


Professional Management Tools and Cloud Services

SenseCAP Hotspot offers a hassle-free solution for setting up and managing a hotspot. Users could easily set up the hotspot In a few simple steps via SenseCAP Hotspot App. SenseCAP Hotspot Dashboard and SenseCAP Local Console are also developed for users to monitor and manage the Hotspot in an efficient and easy way.

Multiple Frequency Bands and Certificates

SenseCAP M2 offers different frequency band versions and corresponding certificates to meet your application requirements in various countries and regions, including but not limited to: Australia (RCM), Brazil (Anatel), Canada (ICES/IC IC), EU (CE/RoHS/REACH/WEEE/VerpackG), India (WPC), Japan (TELEC/PSE), Korea (KC), Philippines (NTC), Taiwan (BSMI/NCC), and the United States (FCC, Verizon OD).

Additional certifications are also expected.

Excellent and Stable Performance

With mature hardware featuring MediaTek MT7628 and Semtech SX1302/SX1303 baseband LoRa® chip, SenseCAP M2 offers excellent and stable performance with built-in BLE and support for Wi-Fi and Ethernet internet connection.

For users who need to power the gateway on Ethernet instead of an extra power supply cable, it supports PoE, so there's no need for an extra PoE splitter. If your router does not support the PoE function, SenseCAP Injector is also available for you.

Wide-range Coverage and Strong Signal

To enhance the coverage and signal strength of SenseCAP M2, it is equipped with a high-performance 3dBi antenna, which can provide wide-ranging coverage of miles on the LoRaWAN® network. Additionally, the antenna can be upgraded to a higher dBi fiberglass antenna to suit various usage scenarios and environments.

Secured and Reliable

For a gateway that handles great loads of data transmission, safety is never too much to be concerned about. SenseCAP M2 utilizes the ECC608 security chip to provide reliable and secure authentication, ensuring a safe and stable connection to the People's Network.