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Industrial pH Sensor

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A pH meter measures the hydrogen-ion activity in water-based solutions, indicating its acidity or basicity expressed as pH. (Wikipedia: pH Meter). pH level is an important indicator in many scenarios, especially in monitoring soil conditions and water quality. A pH sensor is widely used in farming, gardening, hydroponics, aquaponics, swimming pools and spas, sewage treatment, education, environmental monitoring, and many other applications.

This pH sensor (S-pH-01B) is designed with industry standards and equipped with a waterproof aviation connector. It adopts international advanced solid dielectric and large-area polytetrafluoroethylene liquid junction, which is not easy to block and convenient for maintenance. It's designed with ATC (automatic temperature compensation), making sure the data is accurate regardless of the temperature changes. This pH Sensor is IP65 rated, waterproof in a tight seal, and capable of withstanding long-term constant use in professional application scenarios.
This pH Sensor comes with a MODBUS-RTU RS485 serial communications protocol or 4~20mA current output. It can be easily connected to and integrated with other devices such as data loggers, controllers, displays, etc. This cost-effective pH sensor features low-power consumption, compact size, portability, and high integration, making it widely applicable in both indoor and outdoor environments.

Highlighted Features

  • High performance: high accuracy, fast response, good repeatability
  • Universal protocol: MODBUS RS-485 or 4~20mA current
  • Wide-range power supply: 3.6V ~ 30V
  • Robustness: suitable to be immersed in soil or water for a long time
  • Maintenance-Free: advanced junction design, no clogging
  • Durable: anti-corrosion, automatic temperature compensation
  • User-friendly: Easy to install and integrate


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