Liquid EC & TDS Sensor - eucaiot store
Liquid EC & TDS Sensor - eucaiot store
Liquid EC & TDS Sensor - eucaiot store
Liquid EC & TDS Sensor - eucaiot store

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Liquid EC & TDS Sensor

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Liquid EC & TDS Sensor

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The EC & TDS Sensor measures the conductivity, salinity, and total dissolved solids (TDS)  in a liquid. The output signal can be RS485 or Analog Voltage. Determining the conductivity, salinity, and TDS of a liquid has many important applications, the EC & TDS Sensor is widely used in monitoring water quality.
The EC & TDS Sensor was designed with industry standards. Version B of the EC & TDS Sensor comes with a waterproof aviation connector. It is designed with ATC (automatic temperature compensation), making sure the data is accurate regardless of the temperature changes. This EC & TDS Sensor is IP65 rated, waterproof in a tight seal, capable of withstanding long-term constant use in professional application scenarios. It comes with a cover that is rated IP68.
This EC & TDS Sensor has a MODBUS-RTU RS485 serial communications protocol or 0-2V output. It can be easily connected to and integrated with other devices such as data-loggers, controllers, and displays, etc. This cost-effective EC & TDS Sensor features low-power consumption, compact size, portability, and high integration, making it widely applicable in both indoor and outdoor environments.


Key Features

  • High performance: high accuracy, fast response, good repeatability
  • Universal protocol: MODBUS RS485, 0-2V
  • Wide-range power supply: 3.9V ~ 30V
  • Robustness: suitable to be immersed in water for a long time
  • Durable: anti-corrosion, automatic temperature compensation
  • User-friendly: Easy to install and integrate


Output Interface

Analog Voltage 0-2V (Output resistance ~0ohm)  RS485 Modbus-RTU

Power Supply

3.9-30V/DC 3.9-30V/DC

Power Consumption (Idle)

40mA@24V DC 40mA@24V DC

Power Consumption (Max)

80mA@24V DC

80mA@24V DC

Start-up Time

< 2 seconds 

EC Measurement

Isolated Sensor Input, Range: 0 - 20000us/cm

Resolution: 0-10000us/cm, 10us/cm; 100000-20000us/cm, 50us/cm

Accuracy: 0-10000us/cm, ±3%; 10000-20000us/cm, ±5%

EC temperature compensation: 0-50°C

Temperature Measurement

Range: -40~80°C,

Resolution: 0.1°C,

Accuracy: ±0.5°C

IP Ratings



Operating Temperature

 -40 ~ +85°C


Electrode:1/2"NPT screw threads

Transmitter: Mounting hole

Cable Length

Power and Signal Cable:2 meters or Customize

Electrode Cable:5 meters


Electrode:1/2"NPT screw threads


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