Industrial Liquid Level Sensor - eucaiot Store
Industrial Liquid Level Sensor - eucaiot Store
Industrial Liquid Level Sensor - eucaiot Store
Industrial Liquid Level Sensor - eucaiot Store

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Industrial Liquid Level Sensor

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The Liquid Level Sensor is designed with industry-grade standards, for monitoring water level, oil level, and other mild-corrosive liquid levels. It incorporates stainless steel and insulated rubber is IP68 rated, suitable for application in severe environments, and uses the RS485 Modbus-RTU Protocol.

The liquid level sensor measures the height of the liquid and converts it to the Modbus-RTU protocol. It works with a data logger or other devices that support the RS485 Modbus-RTU protocol.

The liquid level sensor has a built-in high-performance and highly sensitive silicon piezoresistive core. The internal chip converts the sensor's millivolt signal into a standard protocol which can be connected to a computer, control instrument, or PLC.

It's small-size, lightweight, and easy to install. It has a stainless steel sealing structure that can work in a corrosive environment. The sensor has high anti-vibration and anti-impact performance. It can be widely used in process control, aviation, aerospace, automobile, medical equipment, HVAC, and other applications.


Data Sheet

Highlighted Features

  • Strong anti-interference and long-term stability
  • Anti-corrosion  material,  excellent  anti-corrosion  performance, and durable
  • Anti-blocking design, easy to clean
  • Modbus-RTU  RS485  protocol can  be  used  with a display  device, PLC, inverter, recorder, and other instruments
  • The  shell  is  made  of  stainless  steel  and is durable,  and  with  waterproof cable, safe to use



Application Scenarios

This industrial liquid level sensor can be used in many application scenarios such as pool depth level monitoring, river water level monitoring, marine monitoring, dam and lake water level monitoring, reservoir level monitoring, wastewater level monitoring for sewage treatment, well level monitoring, and liquid level monitoring in tanks, etc.