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Highlighted Features

Wide-range Coverage and Strong Signal.
Excellent and Stable Performance. 
Power over Ethernet Supported.
Professional Fleet Management Tools.
Secure and Reliable.
Easy Setup in Simple Steps.
Efficient and Timely Online Support.

Light Hotspot

LoraWAN Gateway

Long-Range Coverage Built-in 3dBi Antenna Up to 10km Line of Sight, Easy Setup Bluetooth Configuration PoE (Power on Ethernet), Fleet Management Device PaaS Dashboard Local Console, Secure and Reliable Connectivity ECC608 Encryption System, Extensible 3G/4G and GPS Optional Outdoor Version & Worldwide Support Timely Online Support Compliance Ready Local Distributors.


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Excellent and Stable Performance

SenseCAP M2 is powered by the mature hardware solution MT7628 and Semtech SX1302/SX1303 baseband LoRa chip. It has built-in BLE and supports both Wi-Fi and Ethernet internet connection. For users who need to power the gateway on Ethernet instead of an extra power supply cable, the PoE feature is also added in M2.

Professional Management Tools and Cloud Services

Users could easily set up the hotspot In a few simple steps via SenseCAP Hotspot App. SenseCAP Hotspot Dashboard and SenseCAP Local Console are also developed for users to monitor and manage the Hotspot in an efficient and easy way.

Wide-range Coverage and Strong Signal

With a 3dBi High-Performance Antenna, SenseCAP M2 could provide Miles of LoRaWAN coverage and a strong signal. And you could always upgrade the antenna to fit your usage scenario based on different environments.


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