Mcgill antennas

The Optimised Helium Antennas from McGill Microwave offers +7% forward Power Transmission
compared to alternative non optimised VSWR Antenna designs.

WHO IS McGill Microwave?

McGill Microwave is the world leader in high-performance RF/Microwave coaxial cable, highly tuned antennas, connectors,
cable assemblies and Lightning protection devices. We’re delighted to provide you with these amazing products. Recently, our vast range of high-tech patent-pending antennas have provided significant value to the Helium cryptocurrency mining industry.

This has led to users income in helium tokens
growing significantly by increasing the reach of the Network miner. 

Tuned Antennas

McGill Microwave Systems introduces High Performance Antennas for use with the Helium Network offering superior Power Transmission compared to other commercially available alternative non optimised VSWR Antenna designs. The new Antenna design has been specifically tuned to operate with peak performance over only the frequency band of interest to UK/EU Helium Hotspot operators – the UK/EU 868 frequency band. Results in higher coverage and Increased HNT $ revenue.

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