Learn about the SenseCAP M1 Gateway, the Helium Network, what it's used for and how they work.


Helium is a blockchain network that leverages a decentralized ( In blockchain, decentralization refers to the transfer of control and decision-making from a centralized entity to a distributed network. ) global network of Hotspots — devices that double as network miners and wireless access points — initially to provide long-range connectivity to Internet of Things (IoT) devices, and long-term to connect anything to the internet via a decentralized wireless network such as 5G. Hotspots can be deployed by anyone and enable individuals to earn Helium’s native HNT coins in exchange for providing devices with connectivity. This decentralized, blockchain-based approach allows wireless infrastructure to scale more rapidly and at a fraction of the cost of traditional models.

What's the purpose?

Helium is building a next-generation wireless network with the potential to connect billions of compatible devices all around the world. In addition, Validators using a Proof-of-Stake model just launched on the Helium blockchain to further secure and scale the Network.

Beyond the growth of Hotspots, the Helium ecosystem is scaling quickly and includes an array of hardware and software solutions. This growing community brings together Hotspot manufacturers, IoT businesses and applications, developers, staking providers, and more. The Helium Network is making incredible headway in tackling the challenge of IoT connectivity as the number of IoT devices increases exponentially, and serves as a blueprint for how all wireless infrastructure of the future can be built.

How do you earn $hnt

By helping to build the Helium Network. Hosting a Hotspot like the SenseCAP M1 Indoor Gateway allows you to not only provide connectivity to nearby devices but also simultaneously mine for HNT. Helium is earned by completing Proof-of-Coverage validations, verifying network transactions, adding new blocks to the blockchain, and performing other tasks.


This highly reliable LoRaWAN indoor gateway is the perfect hotspot for becoming part of the peoples network.

Start earning with the:

SenseCAP M1 Indoor Gateway

The SenseCAP M1 is a high-performing, ready-to-use LoRaWAN indoor gateway powered by the Helium LongFiTM Network, and provides miles of wireless network coverage and data transmission capacity for LoRa/LoRaWAN devices. It provides built-in BLE, which helps set up your gateway to The Peoples Network in a few simple steps, via Wi-Fi or Ethernet.


SenseCAP M1 Gateway

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